ARMQ: The fashion industry to benefit from a new, inclusive association

3 February 2020

Montréal, february 4, 2020. — The ASM/MRV, one of Québec’s longest-standing groups of fashion industry representatives, today announced that it is changing its name and mission to become the Association des représentants de la mode du Québec (ARMQ).

Founded in 1956 by fashion representatives in Québec, this group has been a staunch supporter of the industry and a major organizer of tradeshows throughout the province. According to Christian Girard, President of the ARMQ: “With this new brand identity, the ARMQ will focus on the association’s efforts in the industry and provide even more expert services to members in order to support them as they face ever-evolving market challenges in 2020.”

Over the years, the ASM/MRV has been a vanguard for the fashion industry by hosting seasonal tradeshows, which were must-attend events for decision makers. Decade after decade, hundreds of companies in the fashion industry as well as buyers and designers came together during these events. Tailored almost exclusively to retailers specializing in apparel and accessories for women and men, these tradeshows were highly anticipated events.

An inclusive vision of the fashion industry

The ARMQ’s mission is to be 100% inclusive and appeal to all sectors of the fashion industry—all while meeting representative’s needs. The ARMQ plans to bring together stakeholders from women’s and men’s fashion, junior apparel, footwear, jewellery, accessories, and more. “Working separately and in silos based fashion categories is no longer the best way to represent and defend our industry’s interests, particularly in an era when ecommerce is impacting the way we do business,” explained Mr. Girard. “Our members want to benefit from the visibility and advantages of a modern association that is open to all sectors of the fashion industry. By joining forces, we can ensure that the industry continues to thrive. This is especially the case with designers and consumers that have all to gain from a prosperous fashion industry and more options to choose from,” he added.

As the hub of a vast network of industry stakeholders and a dynamic association that is dedicated to highlighting the endeavours of fashion representatives, the ARMQ already has 60 members and 800 local and international brands. The Association is planning an array of recruitment initiatives to increase the number of members and broaden its influence in the industry.

A dynamic association dedicated to representing all sectors of the industry

In order to assist representatives in addressing the new business realities of retailers, the ARMQ will continue to offer improved support services, coaching and training. In addition, the social aspect of the Association’s mission will be to protect the interests of representatives in all of Québec’s fashion industry. Its board of directors plans to take on a bigger role as a representative and facilitator with other fashion organizations as well as public and para-public institutions. Collaboration between all these stakeholders will be key.

The first annual ARMQ conference, planned for May 2020, will lay the foundations of the Association consultative role as well as a clear vision of the future for the overall fashion industry.

The ARMQ will continue its relentless support for the fashion industry and its representatives in Québec as it has become a major partner of VOCA, a new tradeshow concept that was just recently launched ( The first VOCA event will focus on Spring + Summer fashion; it will take place at Centrexpo Cogeco in Drummondville, from August 23 to 25, 2020.

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About the ARMQ

The Association des représentants de la mode du Québec (ARMQ) brings together sales representatives, agencies and other stakeholders that represent hundreds of local and international brands. Its mission is to creatively and actively promote and optimize business opportunities for all sectors of Québec’s fashion industry. The Association will also defend the interests of its members in order for retailers to thrive in today’s market.

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Christian Girard, President of the ARMQ

Christian Girard


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